Unlimited Fitness

We are a "by appointment" Personalized Group Training Studio that offers high calorie burning workouts in a small group setting while offering each client personal attention. We pride ourselves in providing a challenging energetic and creative workout environment for all our clients: no matter age, shape, size, or current fitness level... we make sure everyone is working out to their full potential. We offer 11 hours of training Monday thru Wednesday, 9 hours of training on Thursday and Friday and 5 hours on Saturday and Sunday, so there is no reason to not get all the classes in per week/month that you would like. Don't forget we always insist on a free trial workouts so you can see what we are about and if UFIT fits your fitness needs. No Initiation fees and flexible membership options! We hope to see you soon!

Classes start on the Hour, 7 days a Week

Monday - Wednesday

AM Classes - 5-10am


PM Classes - 3-7pm

Thursday & Friday

AM Classes - 5-10am


PM Classes - 3-5pm

Saturday - Sunday

5 Classes

7 AM - 11 AM